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Everyone wants to live on top of the mountains,but all the happinessand growth occurs while you are climbing it.


Trekking Trips For The Solo Travelers Exploring The Mountains

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We don’t need to spell it out that if you’re embarking on exploring the famous Treks in Himachal all by yourself, then you’ll need to have your own back. Trekking is fun, but at the same time if you’re a solo travelers, there are certain things you need to remember to make sure that the only memories you make during your trip are happy.

Train for the hike

One thing that you need to do before going for solo treks in Uttarakhand, is to train yourself. Trekking may seem all easy and fun but it’s not. It’s true that the feelings you feel while trekking are incomparable and absolutely amazing, but it also requires that you be in a good shape that helps you complete the trek smoothly without any issue. So, before coming on trek make sure to go for walk, stretch, and strengthen your muscles.kedarkantha trek


Be realistic

Only because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean you will have to do it too. It is always better to be realistic with your expectations. When you’re on your solo trek make sure to travel or visit the places which you know you can effortlessly visit.

Invest in good gear

When you are trekking, at times, you are completely dependent on your gears to keep you safe. That is why it is essential that you spend some money on getting good gears from renowned manufacturers.

Inform someone

While going for a solo trek, make sure to inform someone about your whereabouts. Alternatively, you can also select group travel for the solo travelers. This makes sure that you’re not alone if you run into some issue.


Know the guidelines

Travel guidelines have changed a lot in the wake of the pandemic. So, make sure to know about all the proper guidelines before you go on your solo trek trip.

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