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Go grand Go Wild Celebrate Holi In Pushkar Here’s Why You Should Take This Trip

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Imagine this: You’re standing at the side of a street and as you’re looking in front of you, all you can see are smiling faces doused in different kinds of colours. You look around and see people giggling and enjoying their time to the fullest. Wait! That’s not all. You find yourself swaying to the amazing music playing in the background. What do you want to do now? Of course, you want to jump in, join the crowd of happy faces and blow some colours in the air.

Did that scene fill you up with an immense urge to experience all that in reality? Then listen to your inner self and book a ticket to Pushkar to celebrate Holi – as the festival of colours is not like the scene we painted with words but much much much more amazing in reality. And, we don’t need to say it, when it is about celebrating Holi, then Pushkar is the place where you can make memories ofa lifetime.

Where is Pushkar, you ask?

Before telling you why to celebrate Holi in Pushkar, let us paint a picture of the place for you – especially for those who have never visited this fascinating city located in Rajasthan. It is one of the oldest cities in India and is often favored by thousands of tourists, travelers and devotees visiting the state. Surrounded by hillocks on three sides, this place is not only filled with amazing natural beauty but also houses rich mythological history and is the home for timeless architectural heritage structures. This is a place which has many wonders to offer.


This year make your celebration brighter

As Holi is inching closer, people are showcasing their excitement. From gearing up to buy colours to discussing how they will celebrate the festival of colours, the buzz around this special day is growing by every second. Though this is a festival which is celebrated all across India, the rituals and traditions associated with it differ from one area to another. And, that is the reason you need to celebrate this amazingly messy, super colourful, and absolutely fun festival in a way which would love to cherish forever. So, if this Holi you’re planning to go grand and go wild, then Pushkar is the destination to choose. If you’re still unconvinced, allow us to explain the reasons which will make you book your last minute trip to Pushkar to enjoy Holi in the best way possible.

What Pushkar has to offer to make your Holi different and memorable?

Here are some of the reasons which will make you visit Pushkar to get doused from head to toe with different hues and experience Holi like you have never before.

Holika Dahan

The celebration for Holi starts well before the actual day. In fact, the day before the festival is a big night as that is when people gather at the main square in Pushkar to watch Holika Dahan. This is a ritual where an effigy of a mythological character named Holika is burned to symbolize the victory of good over evil. What will win you heart is not just the tradition but the music and dancing surrounding it. The whole thing creates such a lovely vibe that it will make you wish for the celebrations to go on and on forever.


Music and Colours: What else do you need?

Party! Party! Party! Yes, it’s a party! However, it is not an event where people get drunk and disorderly. It is a fun yet fulfilling event where you can get immersed in the familiarity of celebration amid strangers. With thumping electronic music playing in the background, hundreds of people dancing around you, different hues covering the air - Holi in Pushkar offer you a scenario which you will cherish forever.

Relax, recharge and start again

We understand standing in the middle of the street amid people and dancing your heart out can get a little tiring. Worry not; this amazing city has options for that too. If in the middle of the celebration it seems like you need to take a breather, there are several restaurants and rooftops cafes where you can relax – and still enjoy the vibe of the festival as during Holi the celebration is all around.

Special Lassi aka thandai

“Itna mazaa kyon aa raha hai, tunay hawa mein bhang milaaya” – did the line from the infectious song Balam Pichkari from the film Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani made you want to swirl a little? Well, the reason we’re mentioning it is because, that is how you will feel when you taste the special thandai that Pushkar has to offer. We’re not exaggerating but it is one of the tastiest and refreshing drinks you’ll ever taste. Mix the happiness of your taste buds with the festive feeling and you have yourself a memory that you’ll love to share over and over with everyone.


You can create magic with camera? This is definitely the destination for you

Are you a photographer? Are you a videographer? Forget that! Are you an avid Instagrammer? If your answer to any or all of those questions is “Yes,” then my friend, visiting Pushkar in 2021 for celebrating Holi is what you need to do – that too without any delay.

If you’re a woman and worried about travelling to Pushkar to celebrate Holi in 2021 alone due to concerns about your safety, then worry not. The law authorities in the city make it a priority to ensure women safety. Hence, you can visit and enjoy yourself to the fullest without any reservations.

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