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5 Solo Treks In Uttarakhand Which Will Make Your Wandering Soul Happy

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It’s already the third month of the year and will it be wrong to say that the trekking loving bug in you in already biting you to take a trip to explore the beautiful Uttarakhand? If you are dreaming of marveling at the entrancing views of forests or of mountains draped in alluring white blanket of snow, then this is a blog which will speak to your soul. It gives you a brief introduction to the various Solo treks in Uttarakhand.

Deorital and Chandershila Trek

This is a trek which offers you the opportunity to explore the captivating beauty of the Himalayas. The best route is to start from Rishikesh and reach your destination in the short 3-4 days trek.

Chandershila Trek

Pindari Glacier

When it is about Trekking in Uttarakhand, then the list is incomplete without mention of this place. This spectacular trek takes you to the Kumaon part of the Garhwal Himalayas. This trip, which is a total of 6 days of journey, takes you through the banks of Pindari River to the final destination at the glacier.

Pindari Glacier

KedarKantha Trek

Limitless scenic view iswhat this place has to offer and you can be sure you won’t be disappointed once you take a trip to this place. Though a bit difficult than other trekking trips in Uttarakhand, this is a place which is worth a visit, at least once in your life time.


Rupin Pass Trek

Laden with exotic flowers and presenting an illusory view of incredible peaks, this is a trek which will sooth the soul of every trekking lover. Though it is a seven day trek, it is worth the journey.

Rupin Pass Trek

Valley Of Flowers Trek

Valley of Flowers is a must do trek if you truly want to explore the beauty and essence of Uttarakhand. Besides gorgeous flowers, this trek will also bring you face to face with amazing snow clad mountains.

Valley of flowers

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